SwapsnShop - your genuine swap and donations site. A national one stop shop for you to find the quality, preowned items you need by swapping or from donated items.

We match your swap needs for you, not just directly between 2 customers but indirectly between multiple customers, so you can more easily find the money free swap items you need. Sales, purchases and giving or receiving free donated items are also possible.

Special Offer

Upload 3 items to donate and receive 1 item back for free ! No membership required.

How It Works

SwapsnShop Steps:



your account and search for your item:
1) for a swap item - view the 'Swap Items Available' page or
2) receive for free from the 'Free Donated Items' page or
3) buy it from the 'Shop Sell & buy' page


If you are Swapping

... simply upload the item you want to give in the swap using the ‘start to Swap' link below...(Check out the 'Swap Items Wanted' page (ie what others are looking for from you)).


Place your order

... on your chosen swap, donated or for sale item by purchasing membership. We match and confirm your order by email and you organize delivery from the owner by messaging them from the "Messages" section in your account. (No membership is required to simply sell or donate an item, upload your items using the ‘start to Sell or start to Donate' links below).

Swap to get back money free items you need, instead of buying

Have you unwanted quality gifts too valuable to give away but you could swap for what you really want?

Need to replace outgrown kids’ sports shoes?

Your kid’s wetsuit is now too small?

Quality unused items in your house that you could swap for something you want?

Need the next school year or university term’s materials?

Spotted an item on the ‘Swap Items Wanted’ list that you have?

Unlock the value in your items without needing to unlock your bank account

User Name: Gill
User Name: Patrick
User Name: Gill

Hi Gill, thanks for swapping
User Name: Patrick

Thanks for the donated item Patrick, works a treat!


  • Membership

    One time payment

    Please ensure you have a current membership package to order items and to enable messaging with other customers.

    Once off limited introductory membership offer of €5 for the order of 2 items. Donating or selling is free (ie no membership needed).

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