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Upload 3 items to donate and receive 1 item back for free ! No membership required.

SwapsnShop Steps:



your account and search for your item:
1) for a swap item - view the 'Swap Items Available' page or
2) receive for free from the 'Free Donated Items' page or
3) buy it from the 'Shop Sell & buy' page


If you are Swapping

... simply upload the item you want to give in the swap using the ‘start to Swap' link below...(Check out the 'Swap Items Wanted' page (ie what others are looking for from you)).


Place your order

... on your chosen swap, donated or for sale item by purchasing membership. We match and confirm your order by email and you organize delivery from the owner by messaging them from the "Messages" section in your account. (No membership is required to simply sell or donate an item, upload your items using the ‘start to Sell or start to Donate' links below).

Swap Guide

Register your account (for privacy, no need to use your email as your “Username” as this will be visible on the website to others)  and purchase membership (membership is required to order an item, to receive an item and to access chat / message other users). Membership is not required to simply donate or sell items to others.

The purpose of an ‘Item Category Rating’ is to facilitate an easier swap by categorising an item’s value within a broader range than a specific monetary value alone. The ‘Item Category Rating’ is determined by you, the customer. Each ‘Item Category Rating’ has an associated swap credit that is allocated to your account enabling you to order another item to the value of swap credits earned:

    • ‘Platinum+ (P+)’: items greater than €1,600 of estimate value range, user to specify amount of swap credit
    • ‘Platinum (P)’: items between €800 and €1,600 of estimate value range, associated swap credit = 1,600
    • ‘Gold (G)’: items between €400 and €800 of estimate value range, associated swap credit = 800
    • ‘Silver+ (S+)’: items between €200 and €400 of estimate value range, associated swap credit = 400
    • ‘Silver (S)’: items between €100 and €200 of estimate value range, associated swap credit = 200
    • ‘Bronze (B)’: items between €50 and €100 of estimate value range, associated swap credit = 100
    • ‘Mini (M)’: items less than €50 of estimate value range, associated swap credit = 50

For lower value items of “Mini” and “Bronze” Item Category Rated items, once your uploaded Mini or Bronze rated item is approved and published by SwapsnShop you can then immediately order and receive up to 3 equivalent Mini or Bronze rated items in advance of giving your offered item to another customer – order your item straight away! 
To ensure security for your more valuable rated items (i.e. “Silver” up to “Platinum+” Item Category Rated items), SwapsnShop must match orders between customers on these items before items can be swapped.

After your upload, SwapsnShop allocates the respective Swap Credits to your account based on the ‘Item Category Rating’ of your item offered. Using your allocated swap credits, order the item you need. To ensure your swap order is approved, please order only 1 item from the same ‘Item Category Rating’ of your uploaded item and only 1 item per order, as per Terms and Conditions.

By clicking on your Username in the top right hand corner of a page, you can message other owners to organise collection of your item and review your activity in your account dashboard (your current swap credits balance, your uploaded items and your orders etc).

SwapsnShop receives all orders, identifies the swap match when made and will notify you and your swapper together of the order and swap details. Do not give your item to anyone until you receive the “Customer Order Complete” notification email from SwapsnShop that your order is ‘completed’ with the order and receiver details of your item. The receiver of your item will organise collection of it from you. You organise and pay for delivery of the item to you that you have ordered either physically (Swap Local!) between customers or using a courier delivery provider. Customers could also meet to swap at SwapsnShop pop-up events.

  • Create one upload / advertisement per item to ensure the best chance of matching your swap and the best browsing experience for all users in searching for items.
  • Only offer quality items – the website is not a dumping ground for unwanted items beyond their useful lives.
  • Customers can rate each other by submitting Seller Reviews to give confidence that who they are exchanging with are interested in the same quality as they are – see Seller Reviews on the Home page.
  • SwapsnShop must match orders between customers on ‘Silver’ up to ‘Platinum+’ category items before items can be swapped (exceptions are lower value ‘Mini’ and ‘Bronze’ items). In this way, all users are secured for the precious value in their items offered for swap.
  • It is against the Terms and Conditions to swap, sell or donate any counterfeit, fake or dangerous items or any items that may infringe the rights of another person or any animals or living creatures.

Why swap with SwapsnShop?

We offer a genuine swap service – we actively match for you your swap preferences using swap credits to allow swaps, not just directly between two customers, but also swaps indirectly between multiple customers allowing a greater chance of success of all customers meeting their needs.
You can list the swap items you are searching for and see what others are searching for that you are maybe able to offer on the “Swap Items Wanted” page.

Being a website rather than a Facebook page, items do not fall off the top of the page with the latest post and are searchable using the available filters.

Save money, in this inflationary environment, by replacing a quality pre-owned item that you could swap with another in exchange for a money free item to meet your needs.

Capturing items from customers across the country offering more choice.

You can receive your wanted item straight away with your allocated swap credits after your offered item is published for ‘Mini’ & ‘Bronze’ ‘Item Category Rated’ items.

Reuse not rebuy. Pre-owned items’ useful lives may extend further. By using these items it reduces the need to purchase and manufacture a new item thus saving the planet a little more.

Value is in the item itself which is decided upon by you and swapped at zero item cost to you – i.e. money free swap items.

Increasing prices don’t affect swaps, value not money is exchanged.

You will know your item has a better chance of being used again instead of it remaining in storage.

Swapping insulates from supply chain shortages and delays associated with current standard purchase transactions.

The value to one is different to the value to another – unlock the value in your item that may be valuable to another.

We all want to do our part and this is a real opportunity to contribute to sustainability as well as receive back what we need in return!

Swap to get back money free items you need, instead of buying

Have you unwanted quality gifts too valuable to give away but you could swap for what you really want?
Need to replace outgrown kids’ sports shoes?
Your kid’s wetsuit is now too small?
Quality unused items in your house that you could swap for something you want?
Need the next school year or university term’s materials?
Spotted an item on the ‘Swap Items Wanted’ list that you have?

Unlock the value in your items without needing to unlock your bank account

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  • Membership

    One time payment

    Please ensure you have a current membership package to order items and to enable messaging with other customers.

    Once off limited introductory membership offer of €5 for the order of 2 items. Donating or selling is free (ie no membership needed).

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