Why swap with SwapsnShop?

  • Genuine swap service: We offer a genuine swap service – we actively match for you your swap preferences using swap credits to allow swaps, not just directly between two customers, but also swaps indirectly between multiple customers allowing a greater chance of success of all customers meeting their needs.
  • Savings: Save money, in this inflationary environment, by replacing a quality pre-owned item that you could swap with another in exchange for a money free item to meet your needs.
  • It’s a National service – Capturing items from customers across the country offering more choice.
  • It’s flexibile: You can receive your wanted item straight away with your allocated swap credits after your offered item is published for ‘Mini’ & ‘Bronze’ ‘Item Category Rated’ items.
  • Supports the Circular Economy: Reuse not rebuy. Pre-owned items’ useful lives may extend further. By using these items it reduces the need to purchase and manufacture a new item thus saving the planet a little more.
  • Cost neutral: Value is in the item itself which is decided upon by you and swapped at zero item cost to you – i.e. money free swap items.
  • Inflation busting: Increasing prices don’t affect swaps, value not money is exchanged.
  • Promotes usage: You will know your item has a better chance of being used again instead of it remaining in storage.
  • Supply chain: Swapping insulates from supply chain shortages and delays associated with current standard purchase transactions.
  • Value: The value to one is different to the value to another – unlock the value in your item that may be valuable to another.
  • Win – Win!: We all want to do our part and this is a real opportunity to contribute to sustainability as well as receive back what we need in return!
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    One time payment

    Please ensure you have a current membership package to order items and to enable messaging with other customers.

    Once off limited introductory membership offer of €5 for the order of 2 items. Donating or selling is free (ie no membership needed).

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